From: J. Peterson (Technician)
To: A. Bay
Subject: Re: Her name is Sera, John
Date 10.21.20

I don’t even know how you keep track of who they all are doc, there’s too many of them. But anyway as you know there was a bit of a scene last week, the new one… yeah, ok… Cassie? Anyway, she took Sera’s diary and ripped out the pages. It didn’t look malicious, just frustrated. I do agree with the others, she needs to be watched more closely as she has been an increasing problem.

Sera did not even come to us about it, I think she knew that she was not supposed to hide things from us, and she acted as if it was not important to her later when she was questioned, which is potentially more troubling than a reaction might be, as it means she is predicting that an outburst on her part would get her in trouble.

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